NPORS Training

Industrial Training Services have offered NPORS training for a number of years. NPORS is a popular alternative to CPCS testing due to its’ flexibility and reduced costs. NPORS training is not limited the construction sector however, and NPORS training can be relevant to:

  • Industrial applications
  • Utilities companies
  • Warehousing
  • Distributors
  • Agricultural applications
  • Ports
  • Marine applications

NPORS has the flexibility of being able to be delivered on-site; compared to CPCS which is mostly delivered at approved centres. NPORS training applies to a wide variety of plant machinery, most commonly construction plant.

Industrial Training Services offer the following:

  • 360 Excavator
  • Forward Tipping Dumper
  • Telescopic Handler
  • Counterbalance Forklift
  • Lorry Loader
  • Slinger Signaller
  • Ride-on Roller

Benefits of NPORS

NPORS is the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme. The clue is in the name that the scheme is heavily focused on the construction industry. Arguably, the most accepted type of operative training in the UK is CPCS. However, NPORS is becoming more and more widely accepted, and some companies prefer NPORS over CPCS entirely!

No need to travel

With 10 full-time instructors, we are able to travel to your site. From Wickford, Essex (HQ of Industrial Training Services Ltd) we can service sites as far north as Birmingham. On request, we can even travel as far North as Preston. We also have instructors able to service sites around London, Kent, Surrey and further South in the country. So long as you have suitable plant machinery and classroom facilities, we can deliver NPORS training or experienced worker assessments on your site.

Reduced testing costs

Industrial Training Services offer extremely competetive rates for CPCS training and testing. However, when you add the costs together – NPORS generally trumps CPCS in terms of training costs. The cost is reduced as NPORS is more flexible in terms of when, where and how many people we can test simultaneously. CPCS testing is conducted on a one-by-one basis and is more time consuming than NPORS.

More flexibility

For the reasons above, and more – NPORS is by far more flexible in delivery than CPCS training and testing. The dramatic cost reductions in training and testing delivery, and the convenience of being able to do both on your working site, keeping you ‘on the tools’ is by far more flexible than the CPCS scheme. This said, each scheme should be considered carefully based on its’ own merits and suitability for your business.

NPORS Information

NPORS don’t actually offer a lot of information available for download, but we’ve found everything that you may need, and made it available below. If you would like course specific information or pricing – feel free to give us a call using the details below.

NPORS Process - PDF

NPORS: The Training Process

NPORS - Accrediting Bodies Association Member

NPORS: Accrediting Body Association Member